Today‘s geo-economic environment is complex and challenging. Technological innovation, demographic developments, revolutionary political changes and tectonic shifts in the economic and financial sector are questioning traditional solutions. Borchert Consulting & Research has been established to help our clients master these challenges. 

Borchert Consulting & Research is an independent, owner-operated strategy consultancy providing public-private security advice and strategic decision support in three key areas: 

  • Security foresight for early identification and assessment of future security challenges
  • Strategies and advanced concepts to address security challenges
  • Audits and evaluations to assess, optimize and further develop existing concepts, procedures, and organizations

Borchert Consulting & Research works for ministries, agencies, companies and scientific institutes. The company's experts are experienced managers, public servants, and consultants. All of them have built a strong reputation as knowledgeable and trustworthy partners committed to the long-term success of our clients. They regularly publish in their areas of expertise and lecture at conferences, universities and education institutions in Europe and abroad.

Areas of Work

Borchert Consulting & Research offers strategic decision-support for the following management tasks:

  • Early Warning
  • Evaluation
  • Public Affairs
  • Strategy Development 

Areas of Expertise

The subject matter experts of Borchert Consulting & Research mainly work in the following domains:

  • Critical infrastructure protection
  • Defense and security industry
  • Defense science and technology
  • Energy and resource supply security
  • Maritime security
  • Public-private security cooperation
  • Security sector transformation and networked security