Defense and Security Published: 13.08.2021

War as a Service: Stop Overhyping Technology

Heiko Borchert, Torben Schütz and Joseph Verbovskzy
RSIS Commentary, 13 August 2021

Defense and Security Published: 15.05.2021

Beware the Hype. What Military Conflicts in Ukraine, Syria, Libya, and Nagorno-Karabakh (Don’t) Tell Us About the Future of War

Heiko Borchert, Torben Schütz, Joseph Verbovszky
(Hamburg: Defense AI Observatory, 2021)

Geoeconomics Published: 15.04.2021

A Transatlantic Geo-Economic Compact

Heiko Borchert
International Security Forum Bonn 2020: A Time Out of Joint – New Realities, New Ideas (Bonn: CASSIS, 2021).

Geoeconomics Published: 29.06.2020

Supply Chain Management and Economic Statecraft: A Five-Point Agenda

Heiko Borchert
East Asia Forum, 29 June 2020

Geoeconomics Published: 19.06.2020

The European Way. How to Advance Europe’s Strategic Autonomy by Pairing Liquidity with Data to Make Supply Chains More Transparent, Resilient and Sustainable

Carsten Jaekel and Heiko Borchert
(Cologne: Ernst & Young, 2020)

Geoeconomics Published: 10.05.2020

COVID-19: Strategische Krisenfestigkeit braucht ein neues Gleichgewicht von Staat und Wirtschaft

Heiko Borchert und Johann Frank
Neue Zürcher Zeitung, 10. Mai 2020

Strategic Foresight Published: 15.04.2020

Looking Beyond the Abyss. Eight Scenarios on the Post-COVID19 Business Landscape

Heiko Borchert
(Zolling/Freising: 21strategies, 2020).

Technology Published: 09.09.2019

Jump-Starting Europe’s Work on Military Artificial Intelligence

Heiko Borchert and Christian Brandlhuber
Defense News, 9 September 2019

Defense and Security Published: 16.07.2019

Why Unmanned Systems are the Go-To Option for Gray Zone Ops in the Gulf

Heiko Borchert
Center for International Maritime Security, 6 August 2019

Defense and Security Published: 07.02.2019

The Arab Gulf Defense Pivot: Defense Industrial Policy in a Changing Geostrategic Context

Heiko Borchert
Comparative Strategy, 37:4 (February 2019), pp. 299-315

Geoeconomics Published: 30.01.2019

Flow Control Rewrites Globalization. Implications for Business and Investors

Heiko Borchert
(Dubai: HEDGE21/Alcazar Capital Ltd., 2019).

Geoeconomics Published: 14.07.2018

Schweizer Interessen mit Staat und Markt schützen

Heiko Borchert und Stefan Brem
Neue Zürcher Zeitung, 14. Juli 2018, S. 10.

Geoeconomics Published: 24.02.2018

The Diversity Challenge: Five Perspectives on Eastern Mediterranean Geoeconomics

Heiko Borchert
in Jeremy Stöhs and Sebastian Bruns (eds.), Maritime Security in the Eastern Mediterranean. Kiel International Seapower Symposium 2017 (Baden-Baden: Nomos, 2018), pp. 29-46.

Defense and Security Published: 18.02.2018

Innovation auf Befehl?

Heiko Borchert
Denkwürdigkeiten. Journal der Politisch-Militärischen Gesellschaft, Nr. 106 (Februar 2018).

Defense and Security Published: 14.02.2018

Intellectual Capital Protection by Patents

Heiko Borchert and Christian Helmenstein
European Defence & Security (February 2018).

Defense and Security Published: 14.02.2017

Sharpening the Falcon’s Claws

Heiko Borchert and Shehab al Makahleh
European Security & Defence (February 2017).

Defense and Security Published: 10.02.2017

Waiting for Disruption?! Undersea Autonomy and the Challenging Nature of Naval Innovation

Heiko Borchert, Tim Kraemer and Daniel Mahon
RSIS Working Paper No. 302 (Singapore: S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies, 2017)

Defense and Security Published: 17.12.2016

Catch of the Day: Reflections on the Chinese Seizure of a US Navy Ocean Glider

Heiko Borchert
Center for International Maritime Security, 17 December 2016.

Defense and Security Published: 04.07.2016

The Dawn of a New Arab Defense Industrial Network

Heiko Borchert and Cyril Widdershoven
Arab Defense Industry Papers No. 1 (July 2016).

Defense and Security Published: 13.06.2016

KSÖ Rechts- und Technologiedialog

Heiko Borchert und Wolfgang Rosenkranz
(Wien: Kuratorium Sicheres Österreich, 2016)

Defense and Security Published: 23.05.2016

Le Mannschaft

Heiko Borchert
Griephan, 52:21 (23. Mai 2016).

Defense and Security Published: 05.05.2016

Why Undersea Drones Will (Not Yet) Change Asia-Pacific’s Undersea Balance

Heiko Borchert
Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative, 5 May 2016

Defense and Security Published: 02.03.2016

Why Australia should go with Germany for its future submarine project

Heiko Borchert
The Diplomat, 2 March 2016.

Defense and Security Published: 16.01.2016

Leveraging Undersea Autonomy for NATO: Allies Must Work Together to Avoid Fraction

Heiko Borchert, Daniel Mahon, and Tim Kraemer
Cutting the Bow Wave (Norfolk: Combined Joint Operations from the Sea Centre of Excellence), pp. 50-53 (Published with permission by CJOS COE)

Geoeconomics Published: 07.07.2015

More than Trade: Why and How to Step Up German Security Cooperation with Asia

Heiko Borchert
Global Asia, Volume 10, Number 2 (Summer 2015), pp. 68-79 (Published with permission by Global Asia).

Defense and Security Published: 19.03.2015

Rising Challengers. Ambitious New Defense Exporters Are Reshaping International Defense Trade

Heiko Borchert
European Security & Defence (February 2015), pp. 61-64.

Defense and Security Published: 13.11.2014

Aus der zweiten Reihe an die Spitze. Wie aufstrebende Rüstungsakteure die internationalen Rüstungsbeziehungen verändern

Heiko Borchert
Europäische Sicherheit & Technik (November 2014), S. 79-82.

Defense and Security Published: 31.10.2014

Selbstbewusste Monarchen rüsten auf

Heiko Borchert
Neue Zürcher Zeitung, 31. Oktober 2014, S. 7.

Defense and Security Published: 24.09.2014

Ambitioniert, anspruchsvoll und schwierig. Südkoreas Ambitionen zwischen staatlicher Lenkung und US-Dominanz

Heiko Borchert
Reihe Ländercheck, Deutscher Arbeitgeber Verband (24. September 2014).

Strategic Foresight Published: 07.07.2014

Maritime Security at Risk: Trends, Future Threat Vectors, and Capability Requirements

Heiko Borchert
(Luzern: Sandfire, 2014).

Energy and Resource Security Published: 12.07.2013

Good Practices Guide on Non-Nuclear Critical Energy Infrastructure Protection (NNCEIP) from Terrorist Attacks Focusing on Threats Emanating from Cyberspace

(Vienna: Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, 2013)

Defense and Security Published: 22.04.2013

Österreichs Wirtschaft auf dem Weg zu einem gemeinsamen Cyberlagebild

Heiko Borchert und Wolfgang Gattringer
Security Insight, 6. Jg., Nr. 2 (April 2013), S. 48-49.

Defense and Security Published: 05.03.2013

Keep the United States Locked In and Engage Europe: Smart Defense as a Way for the Asia-Pacific Region to Leverage Its Strategic Role

Heiko Borchert
Arms Control Journal of the Ministry of National Defense (December 2012), pp. 160-205.

Defense and Security Published: 02.10.2012

Cybersicherheit in Österreich: Risikopotenziale und Handlungserfordernisse am Beispiel ausgewählter Infrastruktursektoren

Heiko Borchert, Ursula Eysin, Wolfgang Gattringer, Wolfgang Rosenkranz und Karl Rose
(Wien: Kuratorium Sicheres Österreich, 2012)

Defense and Security Published: 30.04.2012

Cybersicherheit intelligent regulieren: Warum, wie und durch wen?

Heiko Borchert
(Wien: Kuratorium Sicheres Österreich, 2012)

Defense and Security Published: 24.04.2012

Lagebild für Kritische Infrastrukturen

Heiko Borchert und Stefan Brem
digma – Zeitschrift für Datenrecht und Informationssicherheit, 12. Jg., Nr. 1 (April 2012), S. 6-9.

Strategic Foresight Published: 15.02.2012

Von den Chinesen lernen

Heiko Borchert
Neue Zürcher Zeitung, Nr. 38 vom 15. Februar 2012, S. 21

Strategic Foresight Published: 01.10.2011

The Future of Maritime Surveillance in an Era of Contested Maritime Domains

Heiko Borchert
(Luzern: Sandfire, 2011).

Energy and Resource Security Published: 01.11.2010

Deutschlands Rohstoffversorgung sichern: Wichtiges Ziel – Schwieriger Weg

Heiko Borchert und Karina Forster
Trend. Die Zeitschrift für Soziale Marktwirtschaft, 32. Jg., Nr. 123 (Oktober 2010), S. 38-39.

Defense and Security Published: 01.04.2010

Quo Vadis Bundeswehr? Die Strukturkommission als Chance

Heiko Borchert
Denkwürdigkeiten, Journal der Politisch-Militärischen Gesellschaft, Nr. 63 (April 2010), S. 1-5.

Energy and Resource Security Published: 18.03.2010

Renewables and Energy Security: Can They Deliver?

Heiko Borchert and Karina Forster
Daidalos Forum, REN21 Online Network, 18 March 2010.

Energy and Resource Security Published: 26.01.2010

Protecting Critical Energy Infrastructures: How to Advance Public-Private Security Cooperation

Heiko Borchert and Karina Forster
CTN Newsletter Special Bulletin: Protecting Critical Energy Infrastructure from Terrorist Attacks (Vienna: OSCE, 2010), pp. 14-17.

Energy and Resource Security Published: 02.04.2009

Energy and the crisis – more or less secure?

Heiko Borchert and Karina Forster
NATO Review, Online Edition, April 2009.

Defense and Security Published: 01.12.2008

Wettbewerbsfaktor Sicherheit

Heiko Borchert
Griephan Global Security, Nr. 4 (Dezember 2008), S. 36-40.

Energy and Resource Security Published: 01.12.2008

Sicherheit der kritischen Energieinfrastrukturen im Mittleren Osten

Heiko Borchert und Karina Forster
InfoBrief Heer, Nr. 5 (Dezember 2008), S. 8-9.

Energy and Resource Security Published: 01.05.2008

Homeland Security and the Protection of Critical Energy Infrastructures: A European Perspective

Heiko Borchert and Karina Forster
in: Esther Brimmer (ed.), Five Dimensions of Homeland Security and International Security (Washington, D.C.: Center for Transatlantic Relations, 2008), pp. 133-148.

Energy and Resource Security Published: 06.04.2008

The Security Dimension of Energy Infrastructure Security

Heiko Borchert and Karina Forster
in: Philip E. Cornell (ed.), Energy Security and Security Policy. NATO and the Role of International Security Actors in Achieving Energy Security (Oberammergau: NATO School Research Department, 2007), pp. 92-115.

Defense and Security Published: 02.01.2006

Homeland Security and Transformation: Why It Is Essential to Bring Together Both Agendas

Heiko Borchert
in: Esther Brimmer (ed.), Transforming Homeland Security: U.S. and European Approaches (Washington, D.C.: Center for Transatlantic Relations, 2006), pp. 3-22.


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Dr. Heiko Borchert

owns and manages Borchert Consulting & Research AG, a strategic affairs consultancy. Since 1997 he has been responsible for more than 110 consulting and study projects on behalf of public and private sector clients. His areas of expertise cover a broad set of issues including armaments policy and armaments cooperation, critical infrastructure protection, cyber security, defense exports, defense-related science and technology, energy and resource supply security, foreign direct investments and national security, hybrid threats, maritime security, geostrategic and geoeconomic risks, security sector management, and public-private security cooperation. Dr. Borchert is a conference speaker and lectures regularly at different security and defense academies in Europe and abroad. He studied international relations, business administration, economics, and law at the University of St. Gallen (Switzerland), where he also received his PhD. He has published more than 150 papers in his areas of work.

Defense AI Observatory

monitors and analyzes the use of artificial intelligence by armed forces at the Helmut Schmidt University/University of the Federal Armed Forces, Hamburg. Dr. Heiko Borchert is DAIO’s co-director.

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German Institute for Defense and Strategic Studies

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